Most Popular Questions

1. Are the services on Devcom Agency safe to use?

Absolutely! All of our services are 100% safe and can never get you banned!

2. What is the start time & speed after placing an order?

Every service is different. Whenever you select a service from the drop down menu, you will find a box with all the information needed for that particular service, start time, minimum/maximum amounts, as well as the average daily speed.

3. Can I cancel an order if the speed mentioned in the service description was not accurate?

Delays can sometimes occur, this is mainly caused by recent updates in a certain Social Media website’s algorithm or a system overload, on the rare occasion that this can happen we will only be able to refund the missing amount from the order within 48 hours of opening the ticket if the issue was not solved.

4. Can I use your services while using outside sources or running ad campaigns?

5. Are my followers/likes/views guaranteed not to drop?

6. What is refill?

7. When am I not eligible for refills?

8. I entered the wrong username or wish to cancel an order after entry, is that possible?

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